The City I Knew Nothing About



 Midnight at the train station is not what I would call ideal, especially when you have two shady guys following you the entire way to the final train, but after a slight delay I was on my first sleeper train. After a surprisingly good sleep, I was awoken by sunlight. Using the bathroom, I realize that was also a shower so could got all of my morning routine done on the train. Once off the train, I looked around and thought to myself, “Where the hell am I!?!?”








   I realized then, with all the research I did for this trip I must of forgot everything about Prague. Luckily I had a hostel booked for me so once there, I got a tour a map and started doing some research the rest of the day. I met a bunch people at the hostel that I joined to walk around the city that night until they found a club. I decided to walk back to the hostel because after the Nurburgring trip, I’ve been very frugal with my money and I’m not a club person. Waking up the next day, I was bound and determined to take on this city and couple of the guys from the night before wanted to join. They wanted to walk the city and see if we can find it that wasn’t on the maps. I’m happy we did, because this town was by far the prettiest place I’ve ever been. We sat at a park and ate some food as we watched paddle boats going by in the river. We… I mean… they also watched some models at the edge of the river get undressed and change into another dresses, right in the open (they do thing very different here). 





    We walked to the the castle where I had simply was blown away by the view and the sheer beauty of the giant church. It was the first time in my life that felt so small infront of something. We toured around there for a couple hours and ate some awesome food from the market. We decided to take the tram back to recharge the batteries. That night they went out to party and I sat a bar and got time to talk with some people from home. We went to the old town the next day and saw some more of this incredible city. 








     At end of this part of my journey I realized, It doen’t matter how much you know about the places you’re traveling to. You need to go out and just discover the damn place and you can never imagine what you’ll find out there, just grow some balls and explore!! 

   Next stop: Krak√≥w, Poland           

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