The World Awaits…

 We all have our own routines. Most of us wake up in the morning, work all day, get home for dinner and go to bed only to repeat it the next day. For most of us, that’s exactly where you want to be. You’re paying all your bills and you’re comfortable. The thought of changing gives you anxiety and as far as you know this is how life should be, But for some of us, that life is like a prison!! 


  I am Jonathan White, and this site is dedicated to me escaping that every day prison, breaking the routine and go explore life the way it should be and not the way society built us to think. 

  I’m not a journalist or a professional photographer, but this site is not about that. It’s about dedicating myself to show others that you don’t need a trust fund in the bank or wait until you retire to go see what the world has to offer.  I’ve had three goals in mind throughout my journey. 

The first goal was to go and travel as much as the world by backpack as I can. My second goal was to go and explore my own country on 4 wheels. The third goal is to go take a journey with my dad on two wheels to the bottom of North America. 

    These goals are just guidelines! Nothing is set in stone and of course nothing is routine, but it’s never the destination, it’s the journey to get to that point that makes it so special. 

  I hope you enjoy my journey and maybe it will inspire you to take your own, whether it’s a camping trip or a world backpacking trip, just get out there!! 

      The World Awaits…..