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Sex, Drugs and Jetlagged

     After a day or two of rest at the beautiful hostel I was staying at, I got up enough energy to go explore Amsterdam. It was an hour tram ride to the city center… or what I thought. I was by myself and I forgot a map so I was going in blind. Walking around for about a hour with no sense of direction, I started getting really fustrated and hungry. So I got a crape and walked back to the train station. I was clearly not ready to go out sightseeing alone.  



     I rested some more and tried to get more used to the 9 hour time change which was making me really tired and uneasy. I started making friends with the other traveler at the hostel and a couple of us went out to explore the nearby lake, where they smoked and tried to relax although the weather had other ideas, but we found a place to get out of the rain for a while before we walked back and made plans to go to the city once more. We seperated on the tram ride being that they were going to go eat and I had plans with some other friend from the hostel to go down the canals in the Amsterdam. Although it was raining during the boat ride, the sights were amazing. It’s hard to believe that most of those houses were built before the US was even a country. We decided to go find some hamburgers after the boat ride being that all three of us were hungry and all craving a good burger.  


  The next day was a bit bittersweet. All of the people that I friended during my stay at the hostel was all continuing their journeys elsewhere. unfortunately I had one more day and by about 2 o’clock, I was pretty much the only one left at the hostel. I decide to rent a bicycle and go back to the small town down the street. I have yet to eat any traditional food in the Netherlands, so I became in search of something good for lunch that was out of the ordinary. This small town had a little corner market that sold ice cream and some deli food. I asked the guy working there what he would recommend for something to eat that would be a Dutch treat. he recommended something I couldn’t pronounce that looked sort of like an eggroll, so I said why not and he threw it in the deep fryer. What I didn’t expect was getting that “eggroll” looking thing back in a bun with mustard, but whatever it was, it was simply delicious. I started walking down the street when I realize the entire town was having a mini farmers market at the town center where they were selling T-shirts, bags, memorabilia and even coffee, pastries and my favorite, churros. After walking through there, I ventured out deeper in the town, where two big chapels stood and being that everybody in that town was attending the farmers market, I had those two buildings all to myself where I can take pictures and slowly explore. Back on the bike, I headed back where I relaxed until dinner time.  


  Once evening came, I met a guy from California while cooking dinner. We talked a bit about where we’re from and where our travels was taking us. After we were done eating we decided to go and see Amsterdam on the last night that I was there to to experience the nightlife and the infamous red light district. Once in town he decided to go and find somewhere to get something to smoke while he walked around the busy streets. The red light district was almost exactly what I was expecting, Pretty girls in the window every other block. Some of them knocking on the window to get your attention and some of them were just sitting there on her cell phones. It was definitely a weird experience but it was a good ending to a somewhat difficult visit to Amsterdam. 


 The next day I got up early, ate some breakfast, said my goodbyes to the staff and jumped on the shuttle to the train station one last time.

                                                           next stop: Frankfurt, Germany!

The 31 hour day

(Sorry, Because of terrible Dutch Internet service I can’t post any pictures at the moment)

6:05am in Washington: Woke up one last time in my own bed and slowly got ready for the long day ahead. My nerves were all over the place, but I knew I had to force myself to eat a meal before I left. What I didn’t know was my next meal was going to be 40 hours later. 

4:00pm in Washington: After getting dropped off at the airport by my mother and my best friend a couple hours before, I was boarding my flight. It was 7 hour to Iceland. Two hours into the flight I found out that I was misunderstood on the meal on the plane. Apparently there’s a difference between “comfort economy” which gets a meal and “economy” that I was in… which doesn’t have a meal and for some stupid reason I didn’t bring any snacks.

6:25am in Iceland: After a fairly quick 7 hours, I was in Iceland. I got off the plane, walked to my next plane. waited 10 minutes to board and off we went. 3 hour to Amsterdam… easy right?!?!

12:05pm in Amsterdam: After One of the most grueling 3 hours of my life, I crawled off the plane. Hungry and tired, I tryed not to lose focus as I walked to the baggage claim where I finally reunited with my backpack. I walked out of the airport and instantly got lost. At this time I realized, I lost all focus!!

3:30pm still in the airport: After walking around in circles like a lost kid, I finally got a hold of my good buddy Ian, which helped me as much as he could over the phone. Calming myself down at a Starbucks, I finally jumped in a taxi and payed the 60€ to get to my hostel. Once there, I tryed to stay awake until finally it was bedtime(10:00pm)!! 

It was a terrible start to my adventure and I made some bad decisions (like not eating) but sometimes the adventure doesn’t go as smoothly as you thought it was going to. You just got to learn from Your mistakes and carry on. Everything will figure itself out eventually!!