The 31 hour day

(Sorry, Because of terrible Dutch Internet service I can’t post any pictures at the moment)

6:05am in Washington: Woke up one last time in my own bed and slowly got ready for the long day ahead. My nerves were all over the place, but I knew I had to force myself to eat a meal before I left. What I didn’t know was my next meal was going to be 40 hours later. 

4:00pm in Washington: After getting dropped off at the airport by my mother and my best friend a couple hours before, I was boarding my flight. It was 7 hour to Iceland. Two hours into the flight I found out that I was misunderstood on the meal on the plane. Apparently there’s a difference between “comfort economy” which gets a meal and “economy” that I was in… which doesn’t have a meal and for some stupid reason I didn’t bring any snacks.

6:25am in Iceland: After a fairly quick 7 hours, I was in Iceland. I got off the plane, walked to my next plane. waited 10 minutes to board and off we went. 3 hour to Amsterdam… easy right?!?!

12:05pm in Amsterdam: After One of the most grueling 3 hours of my life, I crawled off the plane. Hungry and tired, I tryed not to lose focus as I walked to the baggage claim where I finally reunited with my backpack. I walked out of the airport and instantly got lost. At this time I realized, I lost all focus!!

3:30pm still in the airport: After walking around in circles like a lost kid, I finally got a hold of my good buddy Ian, which helped me as much as he could over the phone. Calming myself down at a Starbucks, I finally jumped in a taxi and payed the 60€ to get to my hostel. Once there, I tryed to stay awake until finally it was bedtime(10:00pm)!! 

It was a terrible start to my adventure and I made some bad decisions (like not eating) but sometimes the adventure doesn’t go as smoothly as you thought it was going to. You just got to learn from Your mistakes and carry on. Everything will figure itself out eventually!! 

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