The Story of Laos and Why I Leave That to Myself 

March 13, 2020, I crossed the Mekong river from Thailand to the country of Laos. On March 19, 2020, the world was locked down including this little country. My thought was that all of this COVID19 would blow over in a couple months and I could continue my journey on two wheels. 

   Well, we all know that not how it turned out and for 14 months I stayed in this third World communist country, which became one of the best accidents that could have ever happened to me. With that said, a lot of stuff happened while I lived there and the experiences I live through in that wonderful county is way too close to my heart to express on here. So i chose to pass on writing about that story, only to speak briefly about it in conversation while enjoying a cigar somewhere in this world.

  With that said, I will share some pictures I managed to get in that time exploring Laos. Enjoy!

Burn season made every sunset like this until the rains finally came.
Unfortunately the guesthouse I was staying in got destroyed by the worst storm in over a century.
A big buddha near the Plain of Jars.
The mystery of where these jars came from and what they were use for still remain. The jars are scattered throughout the country side.
On November 24, 1968, a single U.S. cruise missile strike in the Tham Piu cave killing 374 men, women, and children seeking refuge there.
They say the fighter pilot mistaken kids with sticks as soldiers with guns and made the assumption it was a hidden base.
Riding the country side of Laos with a bike that has a motor.
Laos is the most bombed country in the world. Laos has also never been in a(recorded) war in its history. These are the craters of US bombs dropped on an innocent country for no reason. More bombs were dropped in this country than of all the bombs dropped in WWII and some of WWI.
The locals melt down the metal from the bombs and make spoons, jewelry and key rings out of them.
“That Chomphet”
This was remains of an old french base bomb in the early 1900s.
This buddha was destroyed in a bombing in the 1900s and somehow put back together by the monks.
Vang Vieng, Laos
I spent the last of 2020 at my friends farm with their family.
Tenting out of 2020.
I thank the people in this photo for making me feel at home in Laos.

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