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The Luck Of Ireland

Getting on the bus from Belfast heading towards Dublin and was a little different this time the girl from Orlando decided to join up with me to go to Dublin, being that it was the last leg of her trip as well. Once there, it took us a couple hours to finally find or hostel, but managed to find with very little worry.  

   She was really tired from the bus ride over and decided to go to bed for the rest the day to see if she could feel better.  Our plan was to hang out and wonder Dublin’s before she left. As for me I got a hold of my good friends that I met in Prague, Czech Republic that lived right there in town. which to find out was only a stones throw away from my hostile. We wondered The streets of Dublin for a few hours single night life before I walked back and went to bed as well.  




   The next morning I had the typical hostel breakfast then managed to get a hold of the girl from Orlando and we started to walk around most of the city saying the Castle of Dublin, having a traditional Irish lunch and walked through 1000-year-old church. We also managed to go grocery shopping for some food for the dinner that we were going to have. It was a fantastic time but it was coming to an end with her, so we said our goodbyes and I planned what was left of my trip.  

  Knowing I was my last weekend and year I decided to take a very spontaneous trip to Limerick, Ireland. Which was literally just a finger on a map. I managed to find a bed-and-breakfast that was in town that was affordable and found a bus tour to the Cliffs of Moher.  

  The Cliff of Moher was only a 2 hour bus ride from Limerick though the back country of Ireland. The only bad thing about the day trip was that the way the bus schedule was, it only 45 minutes to see the cliffs before jumping on the only return bus back to limerick, so it didn’t give me much to enjoy the true beauty, but I took what I could get being that it was my last couple of days in Europe.  

Once I got back to the bed-and-breakfast I decided to enjoy my room to myself. It was a good feeling to finally have some privacy although I did miss the interactions with the people around me. You get so used to having having a friend or two to talk with but in this case it was just me and the occasional conversation with the owner of the place the next morning I was back on the train one last time in Europe going back to Dublin where I met up with my good friends. 





 The last day there was very enjoyable. I got to hang out with the guys and enjoy one last club. The next morning I packed up all my stuff and got them ready to be thrown onto a plane back to the states it was very bittersweet. I did mess home a bit but I did absolutely love what I was doing and tried to cherish every last moment of it. My journey wasn’t over yet I still had to go through America….