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The Troubles in Belfast

After my journey through Edinburgh I had to catch a bus that drove me all through Scotland to a small harbor where I jumped onto a ferry to the harbor of Belfast. Once off the ferry I meant two very lovely Australian girls that was doing basically the same trip as me. We partnered up in search of our hostels, which were near each other by a few blocks. Once they found their’s, I walked down the street to mine. I can only book a day at the hospital and had to figure out the next day as I went. I joined up with a few people that were traveling for their summer break through Ireland and managed to see a traditional Irish bar that night.   They left early that morning which left me alone again. I started talking with some of the staff members and they all told me that maybe the best thing to do the next day that night was to sleep on their couch as long as I got permission from the manager. I asked the manager and he said I could if I worked for the hostel that next day and that’s where it all started with me working in Belfast for about three or four days, not paying for one night.  

  It was a great experience, but unfortunately it wasn’t a big experience. I did manage to meet a lovely girl from Orlando. I joined her to go to the titanic museum. Other than that it was just me sitting around.  

   One big thing that I did do in Belfast was to take a black cab tour around “the troubles” in Belfast which is an ongoing battle between the Protestants and the Catholics, which has ultimately been settled right now but still have remnants of a war in the small town. After seeing all that I realize that Belfast wasn’t the best place to come and visit but I definitely had an eye-opening experience.  

   I finally managed to get a bus ticket to Dublin and I set forth my last week in Europe.