The New Chapter

It’s weird having those feeling in my stomach once again. Something I haven’t had in a little over a year. My head starts racing about every thing that needs to be done and what hasn’t been done. These are all signs of a new adventure just over the bridge as I pack up my bags and I head out to Southeast Asia.  

Random pictures throughout the year:
Taking photos of the Desert 100 on top of the Shortie 

Everything is drastically different then the last trip. One thing is that I need all my shots and meds to go on this trip. To be quite honest with you, the whole reason I’m doing this is because Southeast Asia just scares the crap out of me, but I know once I get there and experience the culture, I won’t come back the same person. There’s one thing that is very different from my last preparations of traveling, I’m a bit more seasoned with traveling. There is a lot less frantic phone calls to my good buddy Ian about if I’m doing stuff right or wrong, although there has been one or two already! It’s not like I haven’t done a 15 hour flight before. This time around, I have to get visas for almost every country that I am going to be entering. Last time, I just needed a passport to go from border to border. 
  As of now, things are a bit hard. The research that I’ve done is very loose in the fact of everything over in Asia is more relaxed then what Europe was. I’ve done some research on some places to go, but I am pretty much up in the air and only know where I’m landing and where I’m leaving. Me videoing most of this trip is not a goal that I most likely will reach. I tried doing some videoing during the spring time of small trips that I was doing in the Northwest and it just didn’t feel right. So I’m going to continue doing the brief summaries on the blog like I did before and maybe I’ll get a video or two to post up as well. 
  One thing that happened that was a little bit of a damper on this trip is that some of the money I saved had to be put towards the Project Short Bus(aka the Xterra) after it mysteriously started to act up on me. 

Where the Short Bus broke down…. Could of been worse I guess
How she got home from the dunes

Unfortunately that’s how life is. You can never plan this. This whole website is dedicated to stuff like this the whole fact that life is never a routine. Sometimes you just have to build bridges to cross to get where you’re going instead of finding The path with least resistance. I just remember that everything is a life experience. You can take everything you’ve learned with history and make sure it doesn’t happen again. 

Exploring the Ogg compound(aka my friends “off the grid” property)

  Showing my stories and what I went though in these trip will hopefully help someone else down the road. I’ve never once looked for money or to gain anything except to share my experiences to inspire others to get out of their comfort zone and see the world for how it is and not how we perceive it on TV or through the media. 

Camping at Dino Daze with my overland family, Lauren and Will 

  As for now, this will be the last post before my trip other than a few posts that I have done that was backlogged because of some technical issues. So until then, take care of yourselves and I’ll see you in Asia!!

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