The Stranger I once knew

We met in kindergarten 

You were instantly popular

 I was barely remembered

You are always the best in everything in school 

I struggled in it

You were the star in football 

I was stuck riding with my dad every weekend 

You bullied me because I was different 

I tried to fit in, but couldn’t 

You turned my only friends against me 

I spent most of my time alone 

We grew up and went to separate high schools

You got introduced to parties, alcohol and drugs

I kept my promise to stayed away from it 

You spent most of your time with a bad crowd

I developed a brotherhood of friends

The parties and drugs consumed you even after school

Work and racing consumes my life

You live like there’s no tomorrow

I planned for tomorrow

You refuse to help and destroyed your friendships 

I made my mistakes and learn from them

you’re in and out of rehab

I have traveled the world

You took advantage of the system and found the easy way out 

I took my expenses and tried to inspire other people to do the same

You wander the streets on a drug bench 

I wander the streets seeing the world 

You saw me at the store and automatically judged and insulted who I’ve become

I saw you and felt sorrow of what you’ve become

It’s funny how the privileged can end up taking the easy path to destruction

It can be so easy to take the easy path through life and take advantage of what can kill you, but not many can look at the path going up the mountain and strive to make it on top

What really separates us is that I hope you find a way out and hope for some success in your life

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