Back Into Routine

It’s been about 6 months since I’ve seen the inside of airplane or carried a 40lb backpack through a city and it’s been a wild ride on getting back into the normal routine of life. After surprising everybody by coming back home early, I decided to rest for a few weeks and take my time on getting back to everything. Which turned into a pretty good idea because the jetlag hit me hard and not only that,  I managed to get a severe ear infection that resulted in a temporary hearing loss in my right ear and with no insurance, I just had to deal with it and eventually it went away.

     One day on my days of rest, My good friend Eric stopped by to enjoy a cigar on the lake and caught up on all the events of the past 3 months. he asked what I was doing for work being that I quit my job to do this trip and he mentioned that his company was hiring. At that time I was in the mindset of finding a dead end job to have temporarily until the next trip. After some time of thinking of what he told me about this job opportunity that he presented to me, I set up an interview a couple days later. Before I knew it, I was working for one of best companies I’ve ever worked for. The people there are extremely pleasant and very supportive and my boss is one the most down to earth guys I’ve ever met. He too, has a certain love of traveling and understands my dream of seeing the world. With that said, he supported the idea of me continuing my travels and he’s granting me time off to do so. 

   Other than working all the time, I found time to go out and take mini expeditions with the Short Bus. Over the summer My best friend and I finally achieved our goal of driving the 101 loop around Washington state’s Olympic mountains. 

 Unfortunately we managed to do it in a day, but in the end, we had tons of fun. I’ve also got to take some camping trips with some good friends in the rain and in the sunshine. 

Life can easily get consumed by work or school, family and friends. Life can also slowly past you by if you don’t stop for a second, look around and enjoy the little moments as if they were the big moments. As for me… well I’m going to take full advantage of this knowledge and I’m not going to waste these opportunities that I have in front of me. I’m still young and debt-free (for the most part) I have the chance to take time off a great job to go pursue another incredible adventure. So as I write this to you all, I’m planning another big adventure for next summer and who knows, maybe I will discover more of life’s secrets along the way… wherever that’ll be? 

 ….but I have a pretty good idea where 😉


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