Review: AK-47 Flip Flops

I was first introduced to Combat Flip Flops at the 2014 NW Overland Rally. A flip flop company in a sea of overlanding gear that stuck out like a sore thumb, which got my attention and for good reason. When I’m home, I practically live in my flip flops and was in the market for good pair, being that the ones I usually have were cheap plastic and always falling apart. I also was in the mindset of a good pair to bring with me to Europe for the hostels and long train or plane rides. Other than my hiking boots, the only other footwear I would be bring with me would be my handy dandy flip flops.
After a good conversion with Griff, the CEO of CFF. I quickly realized that this was not just a some normal footwear company with a fancy name. Griff was a former Army Ranger that wanted to give back to the people that were impacted the most in the Middle East. I told him about my trip to Europe and my other journeys in the future. He gave me some very helpful pointers on some of the countries that I will be traveling through. He also hooked me up with my purchases of my flip flops and a bag, as long as I blog about them and get the word out about CFF!! So with that said, here is my review.

AK-47 Flip Flops

Within moments of purchasing the AK-47 flip flops, I kicked off my shoes and slip them on. I spent the rest of the weekend in them, never to wear shoes again until I got home. At first, the flip flops were a little tight and the sand colored leather was a little slippery, but within an hour or so, my feet slowly formed itself into the leather and it started to fit perfectly. Every step in the AK-47 were getting better and better, even in the grassy field that we were camping in for that weekend.

After the 3 months of the getting the AK-47’s, I rarely go a day without slipping them on. They are made very well with durable leather, footing and strap decorated with bullet shells. The seals show very little wear with many miles walked in them. The only downside that I have encountered is the the big toe area and heel are starting to discolor a little. Other than that minor detail, there is no other problems to report.



•Good-looking design
•Breaks in easy
•Good quality leather


•Starts to discolor after a while
•A little pricey
•Hard to wear when wet


If your a world traveler and you’re looking for a cheap pair of flip-flops to go through the hostel showers or on the train rides, I wouldn’t recommend them to you. If you’re a person that lives in your flip-flops day in and day out, I would definitely recommend taking a look at Combat Flip Flops. If you do a lot of overlanding or just camping, these are definitely durable enough to take the abuse. I will be taking them on my journeys through Europe to put them to the true test to as they hold up.

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