Even the most hardcore of travelers has a place they can rest there head and call home, but they rarely ever talk about it. Being that I basically dedicated most of the house as a planning center and do most of my work on the website there, I figure it would be appropriate to say a little something about it.

Not only is it my home, it’s also my mini escape from the world. It sits along side a beautiful lake in Western Washington. Most of the summer, my office is a lawn chair at the lake shore. Which is very good for me to concentrate on the stuff I’m working on, being that I get distracted very easily. I don’t think I would ever get website done without it.

My living room also acts as my route planning area with a big map of Europe on the wall and my bedroom also is the storage for all my traveling equipment. There is a garage that is also my workshop, where most of the overlanding modifications are done.
All in all, I can’t think of a better place to call home!

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