Project: Short Bus

It was early 2010, driving down a dark freeway with a big smile and a empty wallet. Drove into the carport and stared at it for about an hour, trying to put together what I did. I just made the biggest investment ever and it was all mine. A 2001 Nissan Xterra. What I didn’t know was that that investment would would change my life.

I could of bought anything, but in the end, it was the right price and had everything I needed. About 6 mouth after I bought the Xterra, I helped start the Northwest Xterra Club. Thats where I met a lot of dear friends of mine. Some of which would be joining me in my journeys.
I got the Xterra in thoughts of using it for a camping rig and Road triping machine. That thought slowly faded for the first couple year of owning it, being that the lifestyle was getting harder and harder to fund. It started to change into a gas guzzling commuter car.

Now that I’ve been bit by the travel bug, I started going back to the original thoughts of making the Xterra into the expedition rig I have always wanted. With that, I started planning a trip to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Inspired by the Expeditoin Overland crew and the fact that I always wanted to see Alaska and what better way then seeing it through the windshield of the X.

This part of “Out of Routine” will be dedicated on the ongoing process of getting the Xterra ready for my overlanding travels. There will be a lot of upgrades and modifications that I’ll post on here in hopes of helping other fellow explorers that need some ideas for their overland vehicle.

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