That One Time In Hong Kong

Hong Kong was simply beautiful! There’s nothing more to say about it other these pictures… 

The big city in China.

Of course I had to take a picture of the Mercedes AMG going through downtown!

First meal in Hong Kong had to be traditional.

Even blurry, the beauty still shows.

First taste of home on the trip.

Gondola ride to the Big Buda.

Aerial view of the man made island that houses the famous Hong Kong international airport.

Larger than life!

They’re everywhere!!

Beautiful, but fake.

Beautiful and real!

This was a trail named, “The Wisdom Path”. It was lined with these giant split trees that had random phrases in Chinese engraved in them. There was no translation so I had no idea what they said.

I really wish I knew what they said.

We ran into some locals on the path.

The architecture was breathtaking.

These statues were offering gifts to…..

THIS!! The Big Buddha.

Hong Kong is one of the most colorful cities I’ve ever seen at night.

This building was constantly changing colors.

The Bank of Hong Kong building.

This picture was a bit of story. Me and a couple friends I made there went on a journey to find a tram to the top of the hill overlooking the city. We got lost a lot on that journey, but finally had success being the last people up for the night. Once up the mountain, we walk to the famous viewpoint where I took the camera out, turned it on, removed the lenses cover and it was at that was about the time the bright city turned off their lights for the night. So this was the last picture I took on this trip, which was bittersweet being that I loved this place, but I just ran out of time!!

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